The incredible power of creative thinking

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Nowadays the power of the spirit is no longer to be proven. We are in the age which recognizes and glorifies the power of mind and thoughts. Particularly with the arrival of the “new age” trend in the USA, which promotes positive thinking (“ The secret” by Rhonda Byrnes) and the creative power of the mind (“Unlimited power” by Anthony Robbins).

When in good health, the human spirit is the source of infinite creation. But how does this creative power manifest itself? How can simple immaterial thought create in the physical world?

Let’s dig together about theses questions but first let’s see what the human mind is made of.

The mind: seat of thought

What makes the human mind so powerful is that it is made up of three entities on its own: ⁣

🔸the mental: it is the dimension that stores your sensory impressions (images, sounds, smells, sensations, tastes). It’s like the screen on which everything around you is permeated. It is also the entity that is at the origin of the flow of thoughts that pass through you every day. ⁣

🔸the intellect: It is the dimension of the mind that chooses. It governs logic, reflection, deductions. It is the link in your database of information contained in your mind to make decisions. ⁣

🔸the ego: It is the dimension of your mind that identifies with social position and material goods. It is made up of all your beliefs. He is also filled with fears, doubts and seeks control over situations. It is from him that your masks are born and are maintained. You know … Those masks that you put on in reaction to injuries that prevent you from being yourself … ⁣

Each of these parts of your mind can be as useful as a barrier to your personal success. It all depends on how you feed and maintain your mind. ⁣Your mind and therefore the thoughts that pass through it, will be influenced by: what you read, what you watch or see, what you listen to or hear on a daily basis, what you breathe and feel, what you touch and manipulate . All of this is the nourishment of your mind and permeates your mind.

Your thoughts, which originate in your mind, will therefore be like this nourishment of the mind.

What is thought?

In his book “Meditation and Higher Consciousness”, Dr Deepak Chopra explains that thought is “the non-material drive of the conscious which originates from the silent depths of our consciousness or which can be triggered by sensory information or by memories of the mind. past “

To decipher this sentence, we can say that thought is an energy drive that comes from our consciousness.

Whether it is reflective consciousness (coming from knowledge stored in the mind) or intuitive consciousness (coming from the knowledge of our inner self, through our intuition), thought is a flow of energy that circulates and carries information with it.

It is this moving information that constitutes the creative force of thought. Like a seed planted in the fertile soil of the field of pure potentiality (5th spiritual law of success). Depending on the information in your thoughts, your intellect will be fed differently and you will make different decisions.
In other words, the way your thoughts are shaped influences your outside world and therefore your power of creation in the physical world.

The role of thought in the creation process

All creation takes place twice: once in your mind, and a second time in the physical world. Everything you want to create in the physical world must first be created in your mind.

But most important in this double creation process is the role that thoughts play. Thoughts give direction to the process of creation. Thoughts being a flow of information, they will carry the seed of your desires (information) in the direction you give them. If your thoughts are directed towards success, beauty, joy, then the process of creating your outside world will have these same characteristics. Conversely, if your thoughts are directed towards fear, failure, worry, then the process of creation will be directed towards these elements.

In the book “7 habits of highly effective people”, Stephen R. Covey explains that to create your life in the image you wish, the most important thing is that the first creation (that which takes place in the spirit) be made in a conscious way. In other words, it is essential that you increase your level of awareness of your mind and therefore of your own thoughts to direct your life.

He adds that “in our personal lives, if we do not develop our own self-awareness and do not become responsible for our first creations, we leave the power to other people and to external circumstances to shape our lives by default”.

In conclusion: You manifest what you think and you are responsible for your life.

Your mind is the engine of your personal success. Used wisely, it is one of the most powerful tools on Earth. ⁣

Lélia, passionnée par la vie et amoureuse de la nature qui rêve d’un monde équilibré et libre. Fondatrice de Koena.

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