Why intuition is the subtle language of your soul

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I should have listened to my intuition. Who hasn’t thought of this once in their life? I bet you already told yourself that too. Personally, I have said this sentence to myself dozens of times. More than once I have not listened to my intuition for various reasons (fear, fatigue, lack of grounding, etc.). And yet a feeling deep inside me knew that it was the right decision to make, the right choice to make, the right thing to do, the right direction to take.

But what exactly is intuition?

Why do we say that our soul speaks to us?

And why would our soul want to talk to us?

What is intuition?

Intuition is the little voice that speaks to you and shows you the right direction to take when you are lost. Or the right decision to make when you hesitate. In reality, intuition is the voice of the soul, which knows everything and knows everything. It is the subtle language of the soul to trust us every day every moment.

Intuition is also what is commonly referred to as the 3rd eye. There are three points of view to describe this 3rd eye. The 3rd eye is a metaphor of oriental origin which designates, beyond the two physical eyes, a third eye to see the world with intuition. It signifies knowledge, memory but also intuition, imagination and wisdom. ⁣

Another way to conceptualize intuition is through the notion of 6th sense. It would be an internal sense that we all have. In addition to the 5 senses already known which are hearing, touch, smell, sight and taste, intuition is a 6th internal sense that guides us on a daily basis.

The soul communicates with the spirit through intuition

The soul communicates with the spirit through intuition. It’s that little voice that comes from the depths of your consciousness. She knows everything and guides you every second of your life.

There are three full-fledged entities in ⁣in the triangle of being:
- the body, which resides in the field of molecules
- the mind, which resides in the field of thoughts
- the soul that resides in the field of pure potentiality.

And since a diagram is worth 1000 words, here is an illustration of the soul-mind-body relationship and the channels of communication between each.

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Functional diagram of the triangle of being (source: Lélia de Koena)

Just as the body communicates with the mind through emotions, the soul communicates with the mind through intuition. The soul is the seat of pure consciousness. She uses intuition as a communication channel from consciousness to the mind.

Why does the soul need to communicate?

The soul is an entity in its own right that exists in the field of pure potentiality. This field is the field of all possibilities in which any seed of desires and any intention planted with letting go and detachment can grow. The soul is therefore the source of life and the origin of the creation of desires and intentions.

The human soul is part of this field of all possibilities. It does not belong to the same field as the mind and the body. The mind belongs to the field of thoughts. The body belongs to the field of molecules.

In his book “Meditation and Higher Consciousness”, Dr Deepak Chopra explains that the soul is generally used to “indicate the individualization of consciousness within the limitless field of consciousness”. In other words, the human soul is a part of unlimited consciousness (also called the field of pure potentiality) which is embodied in the physical body to individualize itself.

Therefore, the soul is an entity in its own right. And it carries within it a very specific mission. This is called our “mission of life”. Your soul is therefore endowed with this life mission that it will seek to accomplish.

To accomplish this mission, she will need to incarnate in a physical body in order to be able to act in the physical world which belongs to the field of molecules. The soul needs the mind and the body to act in the physical world to accomplish its mission (dharma).

In conclusion, if you want to achieve your life mission, you will need to develop your intuition and especially learn to listen to it when you are connected to it.

Because it is your best guide on the path to your personal success.

To go deeper about it:

Metahuman” of Dr Deepak Chopra

Ask Deepak about meditation and higher consciousness” of Dr Deepak Chopra

Lélia, passionnée par la vie et amoureuse de la nature qui rêve d’un monde équilibré et libre. Fondatrice de Koena. https://iamkoena.com

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